The Ballad of Mariette DuMarier

from by Ben Balmer

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She was a lioness a duchess of the dark,
from Chicoutimi, with her husband on her arm,
he was a soldier made his life in Montreal,
proposed to her that winter 'neith the castle carnaval,
their love quickly turned sour when he learned to use his hands,
against her moonlight body, til she could hardly stand.
She waited patiently until one fateful day,
this is the story of Mariette DuMarier

It was their anniversary three years ago this day,
when he promised her a happy life and children they could raise
but last year her dreams of children vanished by his fists,
when his calloused knuckles hit her, and laid her womb to rest,
"Bonjour my loving husband," Mariette did smile and say,
"i've made for you this breakfast, lets celebrate this day,"
it was his favorite three eggs and corned beef hash,
rye toast and apple butter, left over succatash.

au revoir, au revoir, mon amour, mon amour,
On ne me trouve plus 2x

Those hands that struck her daily, they showered her with gifts,
strung pearls round her neck, and brushed her smiling lips,
last of all a box was placed upon her milky thighs,
just another bribe she knew for all her blackened eyes,
she opened up the lid revealing silken lengerie,
garter belts and corsets, a whale-bone bustier,
"you'll wear these for me tonight" he said, "to celebrate our love,
these past three happy years, and countless more to come."


the evening came quickly and the moon was shining bright,
he called to Mariette his plan was beating her that night,
she said "lets take a lover's stroll, let me just change my clothes,
i've fixed you buttered rum inside your thermos by the stove"
they walked round the frozen pond where he had drilled a hole to fish,
he sipped his buttered rum and was feeling quite refreshed,
Mariette undid her winter coat to reveal what was within,
that bustier and garters, and flawless porcelain skin.


She pranced onto the pond and her husband followed close
her steps were light and sure, while his were drunk and slow
he stumbled on that ice, his hands were slow and stiff,
Mariette just danced ahead, and teased him with her hips.
"i hope you like that rum she said, i was worried you'd suspect,
i guess its' just that poison takes some time to take effect"


His breath was slow and ragged as he heard the words she spoke,
he fell down to his knees and struggled not to choke,
Mariette began to drag him towards that hole he drilled for fish,
"this is for my body, that you promised to cherish,
it's also for the children that i will never bear,
explain that to the devil, when you see him under there"


Her skin shone in the moonlight as his body sank away,
This is the story, of Mariette DuMarier


from Loose Lips, Sunk Ships, Bruised Hips, and Booze Sips, released September 19, 2015
Written by Ben Balmer (BMI)



all rights reserved


Ben Balmer Austin, Texas

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